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Why choose Leatherstocking?

In today's competitive market place everyone pushes customer service and product quality. We feel our customers should never be put in a position to question the service and quality of their products on a day by day bases. To achieve this operating policy, we at Leatherstocking Timber and Natural Stone Products are dedicated to improve customer service with timely and accurate quotation information, meeting schedules, and minimizing surprises to our customers. This is achieved by advising our customers on the status of their orders regarding any technical, pricing or delivery issues that may arise during the production process.

We will continue to make available our strong field support program and real time product corrective action policies to all of our customers and our suppliers. We recognize real time corrective action as a necessity with all of our customers since we who constantly deal with the issue of time is money. Leatherstocking Timber and Natural Stone Products is in the ideal situation of being able to offer to all our customers the unique opportunity to buy their stone products directly from the quarries and saw shops. This reduces cost and minimizes delivery and technical delays.